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The Other Half About Being A Woman: Caroline Smith ‘Trying Not to Love You’


Caroline Smith has always carried herself with poise, and elegant strength within her music, last heard on her debut solo album in 2013,  Half About Being a WomanSince then, the Minneapolis-based Pop and R&B artist returns to Los Angeles with her latest single “Trying Not to Love You” and once again displays honesty in her pop-blend approach.

The contemporary splash of these genres becomes a signature style for Smith, and this time around relies more so on pop. “Trying Not to Love You” is fresh, light, and reminiscent with dreamy textures that follows Smith’s adaptable vocals. Within the silky rhythm that allows the chorus to swim effortlessly are traces of a soulful core and constant inspiration that you cannot remove from Smith’s sound. From previous tracks, we have heard Smith possess thick emotions through her smoky vocals, and to our delight the magic of this essence is still heard in Smith’s soft-spoken and delicate demeanor on “Trying Not to Love You.”


Always acting as a choir of honesty, Smith’s security, self-awareness, and vulnerability are in fact her greatest strengths. An act that many may confuse as a weakness as they are weary to express all that Smith floods her music with, in terms of sound and lyrics.

“This song is really all about my journey to true singleness as a woman,” Smith says, “I thought it was crazy how many excuses I would make for a certain someone all because I was afraid of really being alone. I know so many women out there struggle with that same feeling, and I hope this song helps them explore that.”

In comparison to tracks from Half About Being a Woman, the other side of Smith is apparent in sound while she still holds onto the magic that truly makes her an artist to fall in love with. Smith has embodied all that she is, and all who she was, through her exploration, overall becoming an artist that is beautiful to watch grow each half.

Be sure to catch Caroline Smith’s last two shows:

Nov. 4: Los Angeles, The Echo

Nov. 10: San Francisco, Swedish American Hall