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Discover: Shukura Chapman ‘Rearview’ Debut EP

Soul-singer, and one woman band, Shukura Chapman, impresses us with her rooted and soulful EP, Rearview.


Australian-based, New Zealand raised, UK born, soul singer-songwriter and one-woman band, Shukura Chapman, impresses and leaves us in a state of awe, not only for the lengthy title she carries, but for her 3 track debut EP, Rearview. Chapman’s debut becomes an illustration of a natural stream of conscious and subconscious thoughts that have found a gracious home through her rooted-soul sound.

Chapman exemplifies a type of hurt in her voice and delivery that the majority may only wish for to simply extract the magic of the hurt’s ripples. A familiar hurt that echoes from Chapman’s influences Amy Winehouse, to the modern soulful-filled, blues strength, from the likes of Brittney Howard of Alabama Shakes. A type of hurt that is distinct and beautiful.

The self-reflective EP is a very intimate first impression for the new artist and displays versatility with a humble approach that is just what we needed to hear. Rearview opens with a slow and cascading 5 minute track “Coming Down” which is rooted from gentle guitar strums to an emotional range of vocals. Chapman’s control of the quiver in her voice to her explosive angst is an act of sheer nature- similar of watching a small cyclone blow through without disturbing anything it surrounds.

Chapman then displays that she is more than a standard tempo and plays with sounds, heard on the track “Release Me.” The blues riff hit home and cling the exasperated feeling together, yet becomes slightly softer with the reggae sound echoing throughout. The greatest thing about Rearview is how crafted Chapman is with her own sound; a definite shine of an emerging star.

Closing, Chapman offers listeners an upbeat and more rooted toned with her debut single “One by One.” The high energy and slightly folk-esque vibes clutch to Chapman’s vocals once more as she pushes and pulls with an emotive tone. There are some things that cannot be taught, and what Chapman carries within her music is a gift, experience, and a driven passion that all should watch out for.


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