Duo’s and Love

Hints of folk, soul, and electronic, these duo's share love the best way they know how.

Courtesy of Naz & Ella, Photo by Philip Patenall
Courtesy of Naz & Ella, Photo by Philip Patenall

Naz & EllaLove is Love” – Acoustic duo based out of North London splashes our ears with warm melodies against an acoustic on their single “Love Is Love.”  Nasreen Toorabally and Ella Patenall better known as Naz & Ella, harmonize beautifully for a rich and folk-esque track that resonates in sound and within the lyrics. The honest words come as a plea of acceptance as Naz states, “I could lie to you / And the rest of the world / God knows I’ve tried / It’s not the devil on my shoulder / Who led me astray / Love is Love you can’t take that away.” Not hiding anything within the lyrics, “Love Is Love” pushes any taboo of being lured by the Devil, when in fact, love is love and prayer is not needed. Sincerity and a warm heart are thrown throughout the track and is delivered skillfully by Naz & Ella.

Stay tuned for the duo’s debut EP, expected to be released next month.


ODiOne In A Million“- Ireland duo ODi, Alice Murdol and Dare Redlum, will surely tug on your heart strings with their track “One in a Million.” The indie-folk ballad carries a climatic and grand approach that weighs heavily on the mind. Repetitive riffs will echo and mimic a heart beat for years to come as Murdol’s  hopeful vocals croon across acoustic strings. Assurance and honesty are buried in the lyrics and come to surface: “Trying to feel what I ought to feel / But nothing’s coming to me / I watch the ranks of waves come in / And go defeated back again.” “One In A Million” is just that, and resurfaces the somber Irish folk-ballads with a heavy heart and soul.


Courtesy of The Edward Furlongs via Facebook
Courtesy of The Edward Furlongs via Facebook

The Edward FurlongsCold Car“-  New Jersey based duo, Dan Gugger and Nick Afflitto, take indie-nostalgia to a somber, reministical place with their track “Cold Car.” The whimsical track is delightful with slight futuristic bending of sounds and synths that justifies their “nostalgia core” approach. Shimmers of bright sounds are gently strewed across while a peak of brass adds the Americana feel, hailing a cross of familiarity to the likes of The Flaming Lips and a late 60s love ballad. Very distinct and heartfelt which goes hand in hand with vivid lyrics that places you in that cold car waiting for your lover to come outside.


DR. MaD and ZéFIREAlicia Sky” – We’ve all been in the friend-zone, or even in a situation after a relationship where you need to bite your tongue and swallow how you feel. Dr. MaD teams up with Montreal singer ZéFIRE for their single “Alicia Sky” and smoothly displays this scenario with a soulful tone and nostalgic vibe that encourages all to confess their love to their Alicia Sky. Dr. MaD’s production is flawless and smooth throughout transitions, possessing a tender heart courtesy of horns and persistent keys- fueling this R&B structure. ZéFIRE then lends his soulful vocals as the honest proclamation of the story unravels. A track that sets one in a state of gracious bliss and begs for a repeat.

‘”Our song is taking place in the friend-zone where you have our guy that is head over heels for Alicia. He affectionately nicknamed her “Alicia Sky” inspired from her impressive afro which similar to a cloud float atop of her head. At her wedding ceremony facing the prospect of forever having to hold his piece, our fella decides to free himself from the weight of his silence and whole heartedly shares the strong feelings he has for Alicia Sky.”


Courtesy of Beach Season, photo by Michael Tartaglia
Courtesy of Beach Season, photo by Michael Tartaglia

Beach SeasonMidnights” – Calgary duo, Sam Avant and Simon Blitzer, release their lightweight and dreamy track “Midnights.” The slow-tempo and electronic based track shimmers with playful lights, synths, and a heavy bass that pulls in a loving feeling without bringing the track’s overall tone down. This balance is what makes “Midnights” so easy-going to listen to and absorb the nightlight aurora. Beach Season’s modern take on music through their contemporary approach fused with haziness from other genres cascades as a natural sound for the duo.

November 11th, Beach Season will release their new Libra Year EP.


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