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SIDIZEN KING Feat. The Strike ‘Eye For An Eye’

Courtesy of Sidizen King via Facebook

Courtesy of Sidizen King via Facebook

Sidizen King returns with a fresh, electro-rap, that embodies nostalgic funk alongside a coolness that only King could deliver. With help from The Stike’s Chris Crabb, the combination from rap to almost a disco-duet engagement, transforms into the entity known as “Eye for an Eye.” There is something not only creative about the fusion of genres heard on the track, but the chemical reaction between King and The Stike is something that pushes artists out of comfort zones, exploring new sounds, and ultimately creating blissful feelings that listeners may carry with them for years to come. As the track flips and flops from heartache in forms of King spitting to Crabb’s smooth and silky neo-vocals, “Eye for An Eye” illustrates a timeless single carried on a strong bass riff that will always bring joy upon listening.

Fueling on these feel-good vibes, King recently created a mashup video featuring the track, noting how he got the idea when he saw his “friends arguing online” about which era had the best dance moves. Featuring clips from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Three’s Company, to movies such as Grease and Footloose, King provides a fun visual to watch how the times have changed. Throughout the video, a listener will notice how adaptable “Eye for an Eye” is to each generation, proving it’s timeless melody. Plus all the sweet dance moves are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.



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