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New Noise: Friday Feelings


SAÍGOThe Other” – Didn’t think it was possible for SAÍGO to create anything as memorable, creative, and beautiful as his debut track “So Natural,” yet the Los Angeles producer-singer pushed the threshold yet again with his latest single “The Other.” Stemming from a bed of an electronic production, the track unfolds into this future-soul dream, filled with a centralized bass, shimmering keys, and a collective groove of assurance. Produced by Jonah Christian, the pairing of Christian’s production with SAÍGO’s vocals whisk across the futuristic melody and delivers a hint of soul. As SAÍGO guides his high falsetto into an R&B dimension, “The Other” lingers.

SAÍGO is an artist to not sleep on.


FiammaNaked” – If you had a massive rage in an underground industrial basement with heavy trap beats, lights, and a whole hell of angst, this is what Fiamma’s debut single “Naked” would best translate into. Los Angeles artist Fiamma is an explosive, and at times, other worldly singer that feeds off of her emotional pull. These vocals are sensational and hail power from every speck of her body and catapults it into the wave of hard trap and rock flare. The idea of dubstep fusion and rock sounds horrible, yet Fiamma makes this work. Definitely an artist to watch as she explores her sound.

Note: Personal preferences aside of trap music, this is more than trap, and is glued together with Fiamma’s killer vocals.



SølvDark Romance” – Hailing from the U.K., Sølv first caught our attention with her dark and ambient track “Losing My Mind,” and picking up on similar ethereal vibes, Sølv returns with her single “Dark Romance.” Once again showcasing sweet vocals through a slow-tempo driven track, “Dark Romance” slowly blossoms into a bitter-sweet, electro-pop tune. Primarily picking up on the dark corners and allure of love, Sølv’s emotive vocals crave for more while her sincerity adds the blissful and sweet aspect of a somewhat defeated story. Through the simple production and theme, Sølv continues to wear her heart on her sleeve through each single released, and displays pieces of love people usually think don’t come with the full package of bliss. Through easy-going vibes, almost as if a Gothic Romance, Sølv continues her declaration of Yin and Yang with a slow, electronic production.


VasserWhatever You Want” –  Returning to the music scene after about a year, 18-year-old Kent-based artist Vasser, reintroduced his production skills with his track “Whatever You Want.” Gliding with experimental and electronic sounds, Vasser relies heavily on subtle changes that engrosses a listener to translate the sounds into tangible feelings. Pairing a soft female vocal within the steady beat, these gentle additions softens the impact of the heavy electronic sounds. Truly catching our attention and opening with a distinct plucking of strings, the combination is heavenly from beginning to end.


Jack Garratt “Strong Enough” – A ‘Friday Feeling’ list wouldn’t be complete without the electro-soul ambassador Jack Garrett who freshly dropped his new single “Strong Enough,” exclusively for The Cooper Collection which celebrates London and its diversity. The track possesses the soulful driven angst that Garratt easily displays alongside a strong electronic collection of sounds, and with lyrics like “love me if you’re strong enough,” the demeanor that Garratt carries is as potent as the track. Ranging from the soft vocals, a high falsetto, to a driven sound, “Strong Enough” is a exemplified piece that embodies the rising electro-soul in the U.K. so beautifully. Garratt’s collaborative role as the musical creative director with The Cooper Collection has allowed a fresh new stance on “denim.”

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