Best Of

Matt Woods ‘Nothing Less’

As far as fresh and soulful productions go, we can never expect anything less than perfection from London-based artist Matt Woods. After much success with his single “Ain’t No Use,” Woods returns with an equally stimulating and futuristic approach on electro-pop with a soul core on his new single “Nothing Less.”

Taking listeners by the throat with the track’s catchy and upbeat vibes, Woods’ delivery is the glue within the track. Upon first listen “Nothing Less” does something beautiful, instantly, and the lingering after effect is the very reason why this track is the best of the week.

“Nothing Less” possesses an R&B vibe that goes so well with expanding an offer of love that is timeless in sound. Then taking this entity, or offer, Woods then adds the modern touches that revives future-soul and aids in the path of fueling this musical beast. Woods’ high falsettos heightens the lushness of the track and through the clean construction, Woods once again creates a track that sets his name in stone.

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