Discover: Oshan

Oshan, Sydney based producer, is the latest talent to join Roche Musique’s roster. Adding diversity to the other wise funk/house infused label, Oshan is a promising young talent.  His latest single “Most at Home” kicks off with a powerful drumline dipping into a lush production. It seems as if the vocals are courtesy of the producer himself, as he echoes lyrics of a significant other. Oshan proves his versatility in this track as he takes moments of full electronic production and then swiftly transitions into brief acoustic counts of a guitar solo and a melancholy piano. However, the lead single isn’t the only thing on our radar.

Just dropping his EP this past week, Oshan brings an innovative, refreshing, and nostalgic atmosphere. His latest work also features favorite “Dafty feat. Krue” The heavy electronic composition still holds an organic touch, courtesy of Krue’s sweet vocals. “Astronaught” also proves to be another chill track with soft keys taking the lead.

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