The Dreamers: Part Four

Letter from the Editor: Weighing a dream.

How much is your dream worth? Priceless, right?
What moment in your life do you find out it’s value – it’s worth?
It has none.
Yet, the moment does exist.

Your dream is your heart’s imagination. Distinct, abstract pieces to make something bigger. The turning point is when the dream leaves you with no imagination, or no heart.

Is it worth it now?

Keeping it short, an act I rarely do, this is for all subscribers of this blog. By the beginning of next year Girl Underground Music may come to a stop. A thought that has always been on my mind in times where my ego has gotten the best of me, but now has become a lingering friend when the ego is silenced.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported myself, the new bloggers, and the idea for the last two years. Thank you for making the blog have a welcoming impact. The biggest joy were smiles and shares this platform got to create, along with the stories.

There was one smile I discovered through this journey, and ironically it faded through here. Regardless of where the wind may “blow,” so to say, this will always stay here as a reminder and stepping stone that this indeed is Part Four.

Still for the dreamers, even more so than ever.

I’ll take a quiet life. A handshake of carbon monoxide….” – generic Radiohead quote to end a sappy blog post.

Update 10/30: If GUM does continue by another, myself as a writer will most likely discontinue shortly after. Thank you for all the support, emails, and kind words.


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