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Lawan Vanida ‘Withered Heights’

Courtesy of Lawan Vanida via Facebook

Courtesy of Lawan Vanida via Facebook

Lawan Vanida possess vocals that paint her past, present, and future, perfectly on a canvas of a neo-soulful production and modern freshness. Hailing from Washington D.C., Vanida uses her music as a strong expressive outlet from tracks such as “Style,” to a blunt relationship stance on “Bitter Withdrawals.” The collection of tracks that flow on her latest album Withered Heights can only be described as a textured experience from Vanida backed by smooth productions.

Some transitions from track to track are a little rough, yet is pulled off from the overall feel of the album, which somehow Vanida is able to do so comfortably. Opening the album is “1024,” which is an instrumental mood setter, produced by ikarus. As the album opens up with this similar laid-back production, the overlay of neo-soul slowly becomes more apparent.

Regardless of the amazing production that stands out on each track, the unique flare that pulls the sounds together is Vanida’s jazz inspired vocals. They weave in and out of the sound bites, propelling her strength from them when needed. The sense of nostalgia that is revived allows the recovery of something buried deep and is wedged out through Vanida’s vocal instrumentation. Raspy at times, yet possessing the strength to be gentle, Vanida’s vocals are in an assertive class of their own.

Withered Heights becomes a flagship album for Vanida, in terms of showcasing her talent and sense of time, which she is able to get across through her listeners.