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Elephant Stone ‘Photograph’

Elephant Stone takes a nostalgic and self-reflective stance with their latest music video for “Photograph,” off their recent full length, Ship of Fools. The Montreal, psychedelic rockers, have always managed to take detailed precision within their work, rising above the mainstream of heavy psychedelic that flooded the scene years prior. Still holding on to the fuzz and neo-psychedelic flare that is indispensable in every form, Elephant Stone’s versatility within their own sound and ability to keep things “fresh” are the main qualities that push the band’s growth.

Contemplative staring at a photograph with the swirls of indecisiveness brought to life with a retro sound, the track’s sweet, melodic, psych jangles are contained through the steady, and at times, slower tempo, that is quite refreshing to hear from Elephant Stone. A reoccurring theme that is heard directly within the line, “how did I lose track with who I am?” is mirrored through the video’s live performance while the inner dialogue, heard as the track, questions over the live footage.

Frontman, Rhishi Dhir, goes into a further explanation of the track and video: “I decided to write a song about life’s missed chances and nostalgia. I am by no means a nostalgic person… I am always looking to future and rarely, sadly, satisfied with the present moment (though I try to be).”

“For the video, there wasn’t any real grandiose theme. The Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show flew up from San Francisco to do projections for the show. If you’ve never seen it, it’s something to behold. I wanted to take the opportunity to capture some live footage for posterity. Skyler, who also directed our video for ‘Andromeda’, came along and filmed a bunch of footage and offered to sync it up to a tune. On a whim I suggested he use ‘Photograph’. When I got the final product, the meta-moment was not lost on me. Here I was watching a video of me performing on stage soundtracked by a song about life’s missed chances and nostalgia. The song has truly come full circle.”

Ship of Fools, out digitally via Elephants on Parade, physically November 25th via Burger Records.

Upcoming Shows

Elephant Stone tour dates:
10/16 – Small’s – Detroit, MI
10/17 – Schubas – Chicago, IL
10/18 – Big Room Bar – Columbus, OH
10/19 – MOTR Pub (Free show) – Cincinnati, OH
10/20 – Howler’s – Pittsburgh, PA
10/21 – Kung-Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
10/22 – Trans Pecos – Brooklyn, NY
11/3 – Satellite – Los Angeles, CA
11/4 – Milk Bar – San Francisco, CA
11/7 – Bunk Bar – Portland, OR
11/8 – Cobalt – Vancouver, BC
11/10 – The Aviary – Edmonton, AB
11/11 – Palomino – Calgary, AB
11/13 – Lo-Fi – Seattle, WA
11/16 – Continental Room (Free show) – Fullerton, CA


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