Alex Vargas ‘Higher Love’

London artist Alex Vargas is breaking the platform for electro-soul with his latest single "Higher Love."


Regardless of what you add, if there’s soul rooted, it will manage to resurface. This logic is applied to London artist, Alex Vargas, and his latest track “Higher Love.” Despite having an array of electronic and pop sounds built within the foundation, Vargas has bridged the gap with the grace of his soulful vocals. In anticipation for Vargas’s debut album next year, “Higher Love” sets the bar for electro-soul yet to come.

Breaking the surface of a “routine,” Vargas’s inspiration behind the track is fueled by this idea, stating: “Higher Love is about those moments where turmoil created by routines and predictability in everyday life” explains Vargas, continuing “it plants seeds of insecurity in the ground beneath, but that thought of giving up quickly evaporates when you remember how closely you are bound.”

Touching on those moments, the track’s build is cinematic, with layers of guitars that add to the suspension in hopes to break the predictability. Vargas possess a manipulative vocal range that you don’t question falling in love with, or mind the emotional tides that sweep in with each electronic pull. The consistency of the track and soulful appeal has the power to sooth a beast and reassure a listener in every way.

Pairing an electrically charged production with Vargas’s rousing voice, “Higher Love” becomes a sensory and heartfelt experience in the realms of “soulful-noise.”

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