A Dreamy Disarray: Grace Vonderkuhn

Courtesy of Grace Vonderkuhn via Facebook

Music is never a straight line, merely a loop, mimicking time’s aesthetic, yet ironically not one to fall victim to it’s expiration; just takes time to travel. Such is the case for Grace Vonderkuhn‘s music and her self-titled EP that halted all prior thoughts.

Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Vonderkuhn’s “home recordings” have become a dreamy disarray of sounds that hold structure of garage rock, but with a dream-pop center. Almost as if you’re in a smoggy dream, able to feel the sensory delight of being carried briskly away, but unable to see it all through the slight grit overlay.

The EP possess mostly this garage undertone, but the track that throws Vonderkuhn into the light of a “dreamy disarray” is her track “God Bless Your Soul.” Vonderkuhn displays a type of hurt a blues player bangs out yet cleanly glides from within. The track is a farewell hymn that showcases Vonderkuhn’s musical approach and own distortion through sound as she calmly colors the scene with a clouded grace.

Here’s hoping that Vonderkuhn will release new music soon.


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