Future Feels: Soul, R&B, and Electronic

Soul, R&B and Electronic come together for Future Feels. New aspects of soul released this week.

Courtesy of komodo vision via BandCamp // Artwork originally by Hiro Yasuo
Courtesy of komodo vision via BandCamp // Artwork originally by Hiro Yasuo

Komodo Vision “Old Time Sad” – Komodo Vision hails from Taylorsville, Utah and recently released their album last week, Mostly the Endings. Not much is known on the artist except that this album is worth checking out. “Old Time Sad” is an instrumental backing of electronic soul pulling from reserved bass lines and light, reflective synths. Ultimately, the track creates an exploratory atmosphere focusing on futuristic sounds blended within the appeal. Being an instrumental track, emotions must be conveyed precisely through arrangement and instrumentation, which “Old Time Sad” cleanly displays. Komodo Vision creates vivid textures of color through a simple platform.


Dempsey “Fly Away/ Fly Back” – Bristol native, Dempsey, finds himself within neo-soul feels, smooth vocals, and a modern production that embodies a heavy synth and electronic base. Fusing the two ends of the spectrum the overall product is ultimately soothing and a mellow sensory experience. Gripping on more than a wonderful production, a heavy earthed tone, and a “futuristic” sound, Dempsey’s two track release follows suit of an overall story. Opening with “Fly Away” the carefree and blissful melody reassures the words: “I hope you never, ever, ever, ever settle for less / settle for less. ” While “Fly Back” takes a completely different avenue into a strict R&B atmosphere with subtle electronic mix. Lyrically, the complementing lines “you need to find your way, find your way, find your way back home,” contradicts the first track’s message, leading into the contemplative state Dempsey must’ve been in. While preference may lean towards “Fly Away,” musically speaking, the bigger picture of what these pieces are trying to show make the story enjoyable, as well as Dempsey’s harmonizing.


Courtesy of Rendezvous at Two via Facebook

Rendezvous At TwoF*ck Me & Feed Me” – Genius. The end. Not sure how to even start with the UK duo known as Rendezvous At Two, and their track “F*ck Me & Feed Me.” Fueling off of the energy of a simple structure of production and vocals, Rendezvous At Two manages to explore uncharted waters. Taken from their album Secrets, the chemistry of the two on “F*ck Me & Feed Me” is a fresh take on sounds, production, and arrangement, which are some of the many reasons why this duo needs the light shown upon them. Opening with a casual pick-up line in Spanish, leading to flirtatious lyrics embedded within the story-line, the track gets straight to the point with soft and pop-esque vocals that are oddly heart-warming against keys, and an R&B flavor. Vocals contain both soul and pop which is extracted by each point within the production. Beginning to end, the track is smooth, sultry, and sexy in every aspect, notably mentioning the ending lyrics in Spanish containing a somewhat jazz bounce. Despite the rawness, the feeling that’s hidden between the barriers are felt- then again who wouldn’t enjoy a f*ck and feeding invitation?


Mattie Safer Whenever You’re Ready” – Los Angeles-based artist Mattie Safer gets real and lays all his cards on the table with his track “Whenever You’re Ready,” taken from his debut EP, All We Are. The upbeat R&B track spins slight musical grooves, all brought together with the intentions of loving a person in every aspect at the right moment. Driven with emotive, and slightly crunchy vocals, Safer compliments the build of the instrumentation. All wouldn’t be complete without high notes being reached and then brought back down to reality with the notion, “I’m going to love you the best way I can.”  Safer leads a listener down a welcoming path of patience through a flourishing build of neo-soul and fresh feelings.


Courtesy of Soul.Chorea via BandCamp
Courtesy of Soul.Chorea via BandCamp

SoulChoreaText Isles” Prod. Birocratic – Short. Sweet. To the point. Best way to describe SoulChorea’s track “Text Isles” off of his latest album Open Water. Boston natives, Jay Barber, and Jabrai Richardson, better known as SoulChorea, take a very meditative state of creation with “Text Isles.” Fading into the track, the down-tempo rush of smooth waves seep in with soft vocals that mirror that blissfulness of the track and slightly invokes a nostalgic production. R&B vocals carry the track down this smooth journey and play with a softer side of a human while resonating deep. Begs for a repeat in any state of mind.

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