Red Rosamond ‘Damn’

Courtesy of Auteur Research
Courtesy of Auteur Research

Mirroring a timeless and classic look from the past, Red Rosamond not only embodies this outer beauty, but releases a greater value from within through her gifted vocals. Propelled from a base of hurt that trembles within her voice, Rosamond blends the soulful exasperation into a modern pop creation, heard clearly on her latest single “Damn.” The Los Angeles-based artist works with a similar pain and expressive outlet to the likes of the great Amy Winehouse with the range of Adele.

“Damn” is a translation of Rosamond laying all her cards on the table, or as she states, “…the power play between two people. The magnetism, the seduction…It’s about desire and heartbreak about someone who has a hold on you.” A slight weary and crunchy jazz appeal compliments her strong, and textured voice in between the catchy pop chorus. It’s not enough to be swept off your feet by the sheer musical aspect of the track, but for the presentation and sting that Rosamond brings as she croons to another “you don’t give a damn.”

An arrangement of controlled strength drips from Rosamond, not only as a musician, but as a strong female within the music scene.

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