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Live at Acerogami: Mind Monogram, Moon Ensemble, & Daydream Time Machine [Recap and Photos]

All photos by FolkGRP

All photos by FolkGRP

What may first catch on-goers with the abstract, and textured folds of a visually pleasing design, local Pomona bar and venue, Acerogami, is developing a larger grip on local music and continues to take its part as a vital asset in Pomona in bringing the music community together.

What is always a welcoming atmosphere for the small and aesthetically pleasing bar, turned into a supportive platform on September 17th for local bands Mind Monogram, Moon Ensemble, and Daydream Time Machine, who were tailored for the night’s “psychedelic” appeal. New and familiar faces were strewn across the venue soaking up the rays of positive vibes that echoed through the night. With a lot to offer, if subscribed to their email list, Acerogami’s laid back and free shows reassure anyone that you can enjoy life with a bar down the street.


Opening the night were I.E. locals Daydream Time Machine who dove directly into neo-psychedelic flavor. Heavy, reminiscent nostalgic chords filled up the venue as the crowd began to fill in and absorb the crunchy vocals, and distorted waves that meshed into a beach flare. For the night’s performance, Charlie Morales of The Violet Mindfield, lent his percussion skills and helped give the set an additional old-soul feel. The band also played a new release entitled “No Majesties,” which consisted of a strong build-up, a solid bass riff, and gentle breaks that crossed the lines of lounging on a beach to being punched in the chest as the vocals became intense towards the end. Daydream Time Machine kept a consistent set of hazy vibes and were humbly thankful on-stage.


In between the drinks, Moon Ensemble began to set-up. The quartet, formerly known as Dead Bedouin, branched out and gave an energetic and lively performance. Each member didn’t hold back and exuded a vast amount of excitement that became hard not to fall into and dance along. Straying more into a heavier “funkgaze” and “dance” genre, Moon Ensemble’s set was cleverly designed, throwing in some older tracks, in-between new material from their latest self-titled EP, via CupaDella Records. Β Despite snapping a string mid-set by front-man Brandon Harb, the energy brought from the funkgaze pioneers never stopped. Moon Ensemble’s continued success is apparent and can be narrowed into a “live, must-watch” band to appreciate the band’s full potential.



Closing the night, Los Angeles locals Mind Monogram took stage and basked us in their ethereal vibes and celestial way of thinking. This has been an intense year for the band, in terms of overall growth and success, and the ever-changing hidden gems that were once timid two years ago, blossomed on stage and truly earned their spot as they closed the Acerogami. Keeping the audience engaged throughout the fluidity of their set, Mind Monogram’s appeal was simple: go on stage and perform. Witnessing the band live is special, not only as every set and performance changes throughout time, but for the honesty, and ironically “clean rawness” that drips from their set. Following in suit of other band’s from the night, Mind Monogram also performed a new track entitled “Insomniac,” which is validation that the band continues to push their own threshold all over again, just like hearing “Through The Looking Glass” for the first time and falling in love.

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