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The Medicine Hat ‘St. Cecilia’

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, The Medicine Hat -Elliott Gwynne, Chris Pruden, Michael Boyd, Nabi Sue Bersche, and Tyler Bersche – bring an experimental pop fused trance of truth within their latest music video “St. Cecilia.”  The one-shot video takes a viewer on the other side of the mirror of front woman Nabi Sue Bersche’s thoughts and reflective present. Directed by David Ross, the video captures the essence of the track, and cleverly hides the truth through bright melodies, mirroring Bersche’s approach of harassment, and comfort within St. Cecilia.

Further clarifying, Bersche stated this on the track and video:

“St. Cecilia is a song for all the men who have ever harassed me. It’s a song for all the long stares and salacious grins, all the licked-lips and hey-sweethearts, all the shadows that walk a little too close behind me. It’s about the thick skin I put on when I walk alone or I’m on stage. I love the power of that skin, but I hate that I need to be tough to feel safe. Now a brief glance in the mirror turns to a thousand eyes ogling me up and down, unkind hands fussing with my appearance. They impair a kindness I used to carry so easily. St. Cecilia is my constant companion. The patron Saint of music, she’s with me in every dark bar, on every walk home. Watching my drink, watching my back, whispering a sweet melody in my ear.”

Through the bright melodic feel of the track, “St. Cecilia” comes from a dark realization. Emotive vocals push through the playful demeanor and resonate with the actions of the video. We see Bersche recollecting how she used to be during her morning routine upon waking. As she mentions “I use to be kind,” hands from the past push and pull her, and showcase a false version of herself. Her exhausted words to St. Cecilia echo her tiredness, and through the tempo changes and heavy synths, we ultimately find Bersche stripped down to her real version on the other side of the camera.


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