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Los Espinas ‘Seaweed’

Courtesy of Los Espinas
Courtesy of Los Espinas

Infusing airy abstract dreamy textures with a loud rock drive, Australian indie outfit Los Espinas deliver all of this and more with their track “Seaweed.”

Taken as the second single released from their recent EP The Tide, Los Espinas set forth on driving melodies and a captivating atmosphere that pulls from a vast amount of influences. Led by Chris Duffy on vocals, “Seaweed” gently echoes of dream-pop throughout Duffy’s silver-fresh vocals. Filling in the gentle melody, the track’s driving rhythm melts the dreaminess into a strong build.

John Lamrock (Guitar), Phil Curd (Bass), and Christopher Allison (Drums) carry the track into the indie-rock realm with resonating chords and fills that counterbalance the soft, backing vocals. Despite the initial whimsical effect, there’s a vast amount of power within the track. Los Espinas’ smooth transition from chorus to break, then back around again is the cherry on top. Each member’s clean craft behind their instrumentation is heard and appreciated for a sound-filling track that engulfs and asks for more.


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