Music Videos

VACAY ‘The Other Side’

Toronto’s VACAY take an emotive stance, against an acoustic guitar, with their debut single “The Other Side.” Warm and fuzzy melodies wrap you securely throughout the track’s sweet sincerity. Directed by Mark Klassen, the video pairs the reflective soundtrack with a visual display of VACAY’s consciousness of the track. Filmed on street cars throughout the city of  Toronto, a sense of longing is depicted in every aspect, and even more so through the song’s kicker line: “Oh my baby I’ve been dying here on the other side.”

The indie track is paired with pop vocals- pop in the sense the vocals are clean, memorable, catchy, and can sync to a commercial production, yet only in that sense. VACAY’s vocals are strong, sensitive, and carry a vast amount of control, that push beyond the commercial appeal and meshes well with the simple production that is heard on “The Other Side.”

As the song progresses throughout the video, the receptiveness becomes more apparent from single shots of looking elsewhere and only seeing oneself, to the crispness of the night air. Klassen takes an everyday venture of riding on a street car to a beautiful level with VACAY’s inner thoughts. Unison of song and video are beauty at an minimalist’s best, and will resurrect memories at the final scene.

“The Other Side” puts Toronoto’s VACAY as another artist to keep an eye out for as future releases arise.



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