Masego: Live at the Novo DTLA

Masego brought the energy last night opening up for Australian producer Ta-ku at the Novo in DTLA.

Photo: Mariana Martinez

Masego brought the energy last night opening up for Australian producer Ta-ku. What was expected to be a chill concert, with Ta-ku’s slow electronic orchestration, quickly turned into a vibrant dance party with multi-talented Masego at the forefront.

Masego’s set is unlike any other I’ve ever seen. The 22 year-old’s music, a fusion of trap, jazz, and hip-hop has already earned him collaborations with acts such as Goldlink and Sango. Making beats from scratch on the spot, he would start off with a beatbox of his own voice. He would then move into producing a trap drum beat to keep things going, topping off the already complete rhythm with some slick notes from his saxophone. His set ranging from the boasting “I Do Everything” to the bouncing synths of “Girls That Dance” proved his versatility as a musician.


Not only did he flex his musical prowess, but was quite the entertainer as well. All I can say is if you’re not having a good time watching Masego, he’ll be sure to call you out. However, it’s all in good fun and high spirits as he finished his last song off while spinning in a chair and throwing fake money in the air. A refreshing set for what would proceed to be ~emotional Taku feels~ Masego delivered an upfront, honest, and animated hour proclaiming to newly converted fans his name. “It’s just so y’all don’t forget” he would comment looking up at the two levels of the venue, “I’m Masego!”

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