Sol Gems ‘Over The Shoulder’

Courtesy of Sol Gems
Courtesy of Sol Gems

South African trio, Sol Gems, release their newest single “Over The Shoulder” off of their album Lapis Lazuli, and remind us all why the trio does Psychedelic Rock so well.

Struan, Gabriel, and Pano return with a heavier neo-psych sound from when we first discovered them and their track “Mystery of Mind” and flourish with a cleaner production.  For Sol Gems it’s not just Neo-Psychedelic rock though, it’s a combination of era centered musical pieces that are sewed together with the band’s distinct retro flare.

Over The Shoulder” carries traces of pop, yet opens with a strong rhythm section that typically is drowned out with any association of “pop.” What quickly proves otherwise is the track’s bass riff. This became an immediate love from the start, as the authoritative sound proved to be more than playing time, but as a clear indication of the feeling Sol Gem wished to convey.

Feeding off of this build, a bright melodic awakening consumes you down a mystical ride of sounds, feelings, and sensations that are kept alive with their fresh breaks. Carrying it all together for a pure psychedelic delight are the range of vocals. “Over The Shoulder” is flooded with softening background vocals, to high falsettos that match the range of the high vibration keys. From rhythm, to lead, Sol Gems have found their niche in psych-rock, and contribute modern sounds that are always exciting to discover.


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