Zita ‘Deep Inside’

Hungarian artist Zita returns with an equally impressive instrumental piece that once again meshes tropical dance and electronic vibes with her powered violin. “Deep Inside” acts as a reassuring anthem for the day with echoing notes that closes each cycle, just like Summer to Fall.

The track opens with a tropical feel, similar to her inspirational muse Kygo, and embodies the light and playful attitude that Zita wants to share with the world. As the track progresses, Zita’s unique translation from violin to audible emotions retells the story of a deep yearn, highlighting the notion that behind every light there is a fire.

Zita is an artist who knows her strengths and her influences, ultimately comfortable in her own sound and isn’t afraid to take creative musical leaps. Led by the heart of her violin, Zita bridges the gap of both worlds as a new artist.


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