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Track of the Day: Kan Wakan ‘Molasses’

Courtesy of Kan Wakan via Facebook
Courtesy of Kan Wakan via Facebook

If you didn’t have time to listen to anything for the day, make Kan Wakan’s track “Molasses” the only thing that crawls into your ears.

Bulgarian-born Gueorgui Linev, better known as Kan Wakan, resurfaces with the track “Molassess” that pulls apart senses with such a delicate precision a listener will be left with pieces at the end without an explanation.

The Los Angeles-based composer and producer pours smooth and sensual textures that seems like an unexpected gift. Featuring friend Elle Olsun, who lends her angelic and climatic breathy vocals, “Molasses” becomes a head on sensory experience. Surprise musical fusions, such as a rich harmonica, add to the soulful and longing feeling that Olsun conveys as well. Wakan’s production and recreation of something painfully beautiful is painted for a listener through the waves- crafted as a unique china doll, accounting for every detail, inside and out.

“Molasses” becomes a track that cannot be unheard due to the exposure of human-esque qualities that are derived after each listen.

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