Oya Paya ‘Little Man’

Courtesy of Oya Paya via Facebook
Courtesy of Oya Paya via Facebook

Liverpool-based Indie-Rock outfit Oya Paya, have paved an exciting road ahead of them with their debut single “Little Man.”  Strung around vocals that are distinct, persuasive, and dangerously catchy, the track bounces from dubs of percussion, resonating hi-hats, a groovy bass, to peaks of a psychedelic “air” making the track fuller and rich in sound.

“Little Man” and its appeal is heard instantly through the dramatic pauses and vocal clenches, hailing reminiscent values in structure to Cold War Kid’s “Hang Me Up To Dry.” There isn’t a layer that drowns the other out or holds prominent value. Basking in the mesh of sounds, Oya Paya succeeds with their goal in making “spicy” music.

Complementing the “spice,” background vocals allow for a melodic appreciation within the track. In addition to the track’s instantaneous appeal, what shines is appreciation of Oya Paya’s care within their composition. Not allowing them to lose the magic of the repetitive behavior, breaks are cleverly placed, showcasing the band’s versatility and care for the lasting effect of sound. The second half of the track is just as memorable as the first, and couldn’t be a better track to introduce Oya Paya to the world.

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