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Music Monday: Kickstart the Week

The great thing about music is it comes in so many forms and essentially branches from similar roots. New Noise selection today are indie vibes that come in an array of sounds, primarily indie-rock, coated with either synths, pop, fuzz, or bright melodies to make your day that much better.

BlisssChalk Air” – Fell in love with this track instantly! “Chalk Air” takes a slight heavier approach compared to the sultry bounce of dream-pop, but does so in an easygoing manner. The track’s low vocals paired with the slow build of keys add a slight suspense of the track before it reaches the chorus. Abstract sounds texture the emotive drive and melt into a synth indie-rock fusion.


The New RoyalesTravellers” – The New Royales are a talented group of individuals, each with their own distinct sound that have come together with their single “Travellers” off of their upcoming debut EP. DJ Khalil, Chin Injeti, Liz Rodrigues, and Erik Alcock, have lent their vocals, words, and productions to an array of artists such as Eminem, Dr. Dre, and P!nk, to name a few and have finally decided to explore their sounds together for themselves. “Travellers” opens with a light, desert psych trance, and an incredible catchy synth based chorus. Weaved into the verses are bright chimes, a steady beat, and soft vocals to carry you away.


The Good WaterSee Your Light” – Birmingham-based duo, The Good Water, bend psych and blues into upbeat garage rock with their latest track “See Your Light.”  Rob Clements (guitar, vocal) and Tom Fisher (drums, vocals), kill two minutes with a hard-hitting sound that offers audible tangibility to absorb the technicality of the duo. Clements and Fisher equally create an orb of energy which essentially is the magic behind the track.


The Jolly Llamas “Alchemist” – Four piece band from Santa Cruz, CA, The Jolly Llamas, and their track “Alchemist,” brings forward indie-rock with darker pop melodies. Based on a tragic, mystical story of an Alchemist who “test(s) her poisons on her lover,” the track’s storyline is mirrored with aggressive guitar riffs and driven drums. “Alchemist” is the sixth track on the album Story Rock if inclined to listen to more.


Duck Duck Ghost “Small Town” – Hailing from Canberra, Australia, Duck Duck Ghost and their track “Small Town” are an infectious Indie dream. Driven by a dance-rock, and pop core, “Small Town” opens to a broader range of subtle sounds. Specifically driving the track are the vocals that captures the essence on each note.  Further speaking on the track, Alex Ward stated:  “I met a lot of dirtbags in the army. They’d talk about things they did and I felt powerless to do anything about it. Small Town is a way of channeling that anger into something creative. It’s sweet and sour – a pop song but with this dark undertone.”


Selaphonic Easy” – Hailing from Coolum Beach, Australia, Selaphonic brings their carefree and bright vibes on their latest track “Easy.” The indie-pop band offers catchy melodies and dance-pop regardless of difficulties along the way that paved the story behind the track. Jamie Coyle, Tim Doecke, Joel Boldero, and Dave Meikle create their most upbeat and catchiest tune drenched in synths, beach-esque vibes, and a positive guitar riff that pairs cleanly with the vocals. Roll down your windows and absorb all of life’s sun rays with “Easy.”


Good BoyPoverty Line” – Clean, crisp and to the point. Brisbane natives, Good Boy and their anthem “Poverty Line” is nothing short of transforming tough times into a centered fuel sound. Circling around slacker rock vocals, fuzzy indie melodies, and catchy riffs over a repetitive line of “Poverty Line,” the track speaks for millennials and that majority of the middle class who meets this line daily, and lights a sense of passive aggressive hope with a bass line you’ll never forget. Despite being a reminder of lack of funds, the track is full of energy and tips toe towards the line of losing your sanity. Currently obsessed with this track.


Blume HingesTake Me Down” – Sometimes you just need a good noise-rock track to kick you in the back of the head to start your day (I may be alone on this statement). Regardless, Blume Hinges and their track “Take Me Down” captures past angst in the form of fuzzy, and gritty vocals that are stretched on crumbles of power chords. Acting as a moniker for guitarist and vocalist Aaron Egeland, the Saskatchewan native collaborated with Chicago-based drummer Rodney Veinot to fuel the drive of the track. “Take Me Down” is strong in momentum, build, and keeps a consistent length of strength for the duration in a clean presentation despite the DIY and rugged appeal.


Moon EnsembleSan Benito” – SGV natives return with a new name (formerly Dead Bedouin), cleaner direction of sound, but same desert-funk core on their latest self-titled EP via Cupadella Records.  Moon Ensemble and their track “San Benito” hails to the band’s groove and dance notions, as well as their psychedelic influence, reflecting the growth of the band since Ebb & Flow (2014). The quartet dives further into solidifying their production and explores these sounds for a fuller sensory effect upon listening, versus individual musical builds previously heard. “San Benito” dives deep into their self-proclaimed “desert-funk gaze” and creative use of sounds that leads Moon Ensemble to branch out into a different realm than a typical “psych” band, truly working together this time around.


KindatheartPerception” – Hailing from Austin, TX, Kindatheart is the indie band you want to narrate your life.  Jack Scheffler (vocals, rhythm guitar),  Rachel Mathson (vocals, percussion),  Jessica Fagre-Perry (bass), and Trey Ortiz (drums), stick to pure indie-pop with their track “Perception,” led by bedroom lo-fi vocals, provided by Scheffler, which gives it the right amount of rough edges. Softening up the chorus, Mathson lends her whimsical voice to balance Scheffler’s, and glides eagerly across the driving guitar. “Perception” not only aims to tell the different point of views, but showcases it within the track and becomes a memorable upbeat track for Kindatheart.






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  1. Really diggin The Good Water’s sound. Great picks! // ▲ ▲


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