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Midnight To Monaco ‘One Way Ticket’

Los Angeles-based duo Midnight To Monaco – vocalist Ricky Ducati and producer Donnie Sloan – give beach pop a major rejuvenation with their latest track “One Way Ticket” off their upcoming debut EP, via Island Records. Ducati and Sloan become a match made in heaven with a vast amount of musical chemistry that makes time melt away with their indie-pop melody.

Midnight To Monaco is the best part of the 50s and 60s doo-wop with a fresh facelift on a modern electronic production. Paired with a full bass, synths, and an upbeat demeanor, the duo’s collaboration makes you believe in love again. Ducati’s vocals are the epitome of indie-pop waves that cascade under sun rays glistening on the West Coast.

Initially written for Empire of the Sun (another artist Sloan works with) Sloan states that the track “came alive” once Ducati lent his vocals to the production.  The producer went on to state that “…the final version features backing vocals from Matt Jardine, the son of original Beach Boy, Al Jardine. It’s an ode to Annie, the dream girl that never actually turns up, and perhaps only exists in your imagination.”


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