Indie Dream Delight

No matter what you lay on top, these tracks find their way back to a dreamy core. Most recent tracks worth diving into that hold up to an Indie-Dream delight.

Perfect FamiliesGhost Calls” – Seattle band Perfect Families and their track “Ghost Calls” hits the spot on so many levels. The track is dreamy in every possible way but doesn’t drag out repetition that may essentially lose the magic of dream-pop, instead its longing guitar chords, soft vocals, and flow, wrap you up smoothly. Joel Smith (Keys, Vocals, Drums), and Micah Smith (Guitars, Bass, Drum Sampling), push their music creatives with their textured sounds. The layering of vocals on this track cleverly echoes the duo’s theme of unseen voices and is a perfect indie track to lounge and bask in.


Matthew and Me Figure” – Driven by dreamy chords and an ethereal vocal push, Totnes natives, Matthew and Me, and their track “Figure” are a polished forthcoming of indie-pop. The track includes a pleasant blend of synths and alternative rock that gives it the other-worldly touch. “Figure” draws on upbeat melodies as a relatable question swarms “Can you figure it out?” As the track progresses, drumming becomes more prominent and aggressive, escalating the tone and drive. Balancing the aggressiveness with stable dreamy vocals, “Figure” is a state of active limbo that becomes addicting.

From their new EP, Startpoint, released November 18th.


Cuesta LoebMy King” –  NYC native, Los Angeles-based Christina Cuesta Loeb (dropped ‘Christina’), releases her debut single “My King” off of her forthcoming EP, Dive. Loeb falls into the dream-pop genre while bringing forward a unique taste of sounds. Slight grunge emerges that resurfaces her 90s influential sound. The arrangement of strings, bright twangs from the ukulele, and airy vocals beg for a repeat of “My King.”  The melting genre track foreshadows great things from Loeb and is an artist to watch.


Wyteshayds “Slow Climb” – Hailing from Norfolk, VA, Wyteshayds incorporates the best of dancerock with shoegaze on their latest track “Slow Climb.” Filled with slow impending grooves through catchy guitar riffs, “Slow Climb” adds on this with a soft layering of dream-pop. The trio is almost finished with their first full length so be sure to keep an eye out for the release.


Ghost AirplaneNose Dive” –  Obsessed. Not sure what Ghost Airplane has done, but the sultry and exploratory sounds are absolutely haunting and relaxing. Based in London, the duo Shereen and Chris, build on electronic-pop, with alternative and indie melodies weaved in-between. The track translates a scenic hazy atmosphere into velvety chords and an expressive backing production that is extremely addicting. Can’t say enough about the track, listen below to fall in love.


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