Discover: The Latest in Electronic/Soul

For fans of Tom Misch, Lianne La Havas, and other UK soul acts, Lydia Kitto enchants with new single “Concrete moonlight.”  The Sussex artist takes elements of jazz, soul, and electronica to create this sincere and soulful track. Lydia Kitto also takes great inspiration from hip-hop type beats, resonant in the bass depths of “Concrete moonlight“. The bassline is wobbling as Lydia’s voice takes a leading approach over the slow ballad.

In honor of the King of Pop’s birthday, Thrupence shares this downtempo remix of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” Although it does not compare to the original, the sparkling synths and vocal samples give the classic song a modern electronic transformation.

As the Roche Musique producer describes, “‘How I Feel’ undoubtedly feels like a drive down the coast with the sunlight glowing in the ocean”. Cherokee creates a summer anthem reminiscent of California along with vocalist Goto for a “subtle blend of house and pop music”. The single is Cherokee’s first release in over a year, and it’s evident he has refined his sound since his last work.

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