Tyne ‘Somebodies Something’

“Every time I go to bed, These thoughts, come to my head…What if I could be, be Somebody’s Something?”

Opening with stripped down and honest thoughts one might think before going to bed, Cambridge native Tyne, makes her mark on the music scene with her debut single “Somebodies Something.” The ethereal pop track is wrapped in a modern synth-based production, while stretching indie-pop melodies over the soundtrack of a dream.

Upon recently graduating High School, young artist Tyne makes it clear that age holds no boundaries to acquire depth like an old soul. Tyne’s innocent and “wanting” voice ties in with these simple lyrics that showcase in an odd turn of events, strength. While her vocals and message may seem soft, admitting or asking the true desires from one’s mind and heart are courageous.

Putting lyrics aside, the track’s layering is clever and mimics the stages of a dream. With a thin layer of pop “flutters” to a fuller sound accompanied by bass, “Somebodies” invokes all the makings of a hit summer night track.

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