Discover: Rainbow Chan

Australian artist Rainbow Chan combines off-beat electronica and J-Pop for her debut album Spacings. Layering organic sounding instrumentals with her voice as the focus, each song on the album is unique and sonic. However, the artist herself argues, “I know that sonically it could be more polished, I’m glad that it’s raw and sort of naïve.”

Compared to earlier works, Rainbow Chan’s debut work is much more well-rounded and refined in terms of sound. Each song carries its own meticulous electronic production, swelling along with Rainbow Chan’s voice. A personal favorite, “Pillow Talk,” layers a toy piano along with crisp snares and vocal bites effortlessly creating a heartfelt left-field pop song. Her voice as sweet as it seems, carries deep sentimental lyrics meant to move the listener. Spacings has the ability to not only highlight Rainbow Chan’s unconventional production skills, but also embraces her ability to create eccentric pop melodies.

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