StarBenders ‘Time Stops’

Atlanta band StarBenders and their self-proclaimed “glam rock” get a harder dosage of sound with their latest single “Time Stops,” and an equally vivid dose of emotions with the track’s video. Directed by Benjamin Roberds, and created by Dominar Films, the video’s directional use of a continuous tracking shot not only shows the movement within the band but the movement of memories as they cascade along.

Shot entirely in an abandoned 1920’s train car, the video captures the mind of a loving heart and the abstract representation of time not existing when dealing with love. Kimi Shelter (lead vocals, lead guitar),  Aaron Lecesne (bass, vox),  Katie Herron (drums), and Chris Tokaji (guitars, vocals) are seen as actors throughout Shelter’s recollection as remaining characters build the scene. While the song is stated to “celebrates romance regardless of gender,” the video showcases the extent of love, and the lasting feeling that transcends time, as well as the loss that is of equal value.

Still engrossed on the tracking shot, Shelter speaks not only to her lover, but to her heart, herself, and emerging strength, as abstract characters become more prominent. As the track and video come to an end, Shelter’s pain and aggressiveness is heard within her vocals that add the final punches to the track. “Time Stops” become an indie-rock love ballad, as each scene of the video dives further into the dark mind of StarBender.

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