Monday Quick Picks: Hip-Hop and Rap

It’s Monday! Don’t worry, here’s a quick pick of 5 rap tracks that will help you get through the end of the day.

Persia GraiCalabasas” Prod. False Ego – “And pain is no excuse to waste life”- Detroit artist Persia Grai recollects struggles in his life and through his self-healing process creates the track “Calabasas.” Produced by False Ego, the backing track and style precisely match the intent and overall feeling that Grai aimed for, and will surely wash away the pain. As Grai begins his clean flow, he spills it all with what seems one continuous breath. Grai picks on why he understands why people escape, states his fear and the next step throughout the track. Clear images of sitting back and watching loved ones pass, and the faces of his loved ones living in pain, are put on display and showcase Grai not only as an artist, but simply as a human going through the motions the only way he can- music. Relatable for his listeners, and acts as reassurance.


DAEtriusNobody Believes” Prod. The Olympicks – Seriously, the production on this track is everything – jazz-sampled with horns that melt like butter against DAEtrius’ messge to all the dreamers. The inspirational track “Nobody Believes” can hit anyone going after a dream and the talk that comes along with it. The Atlanta artist keeps it simple with his flow letting the melody and chorus tell the story. It’s a track that you sit back and enjoy life to.


Rosie MondayGIRL” Prod. Stone – Toronto native Rosie Monday, and her track “GIRL” is an anthem for every hardworking woman that needs a little Monday Motivation (pun not intended). Being a title track from her upcoming EP, the track consists of a basic trap beat that plays off of Monday’s tone. From percussion sample to Monday’s tone, this is where the track truly shines. There’s a self-reflective passion coming from Monday, one can appreciate the art of how she manipulates her vocals, pulling on the reins when necessary, and on the other side, giving it all her heart. The opening sample sets the track up for a bigger platform while Monday doesn’t hesitate going straight to the core of the song: “GIRL, they got nothing on you! / You ain’t got nothing to prove. 


Jared Xavier “Whatever You Want” Prod. by lvstlivingsoul–  Hailing from Wilkes-Barre, PA, Jared Xavier and his track “Whatever You Want” offer peace of mind as Xavier goes through stress from life, but ultimately is reminded of that sense of sparkle at the end of the tunnel. The production sample and the loop sets the mood for positive vibes and makes you feel at ease as Xavier looks for inspiration and bluntly offers anything for his lover. Xavier’s causal and spoken-sung part over the backing loop adds a natural course of enjoyment, acting as a small beauty of the track, embracing any imperfections – singing wise.


EB RebelDon’t Care” Remix Ft. PS The Rebels –  Dallas rappstress EB Rebel makes sure you hear her message and tone on the track “Don’t Care.” To further strengthen the track’s approach, PS The Rebels joins and adds a stronger lyrical content with vivid words touching on the issues of Black Lives Matter and the countless police shootings. The sound is industrial and rough, pairing some futuristic moments in the production. To fully be engrossed in the message of the track, the best review would be to simply listen to what is being said.



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