Kytes ‘As We Row’

Munich-based band, KYTES, release their latest single and video for “As We Row” off of their debut album Heads and Tales, and tackle restlessness into the unknown of the future with their indie-rock sound. Michael Spieler, Kerim Öke, Timothy Lush, and Thomas Sedlacek, create alternative, and peaceful vibes, led by a catchy guitar riff, and peaks of brightness. The track picks up after the first verse and the vocals truly capture the essence of an indie sound.

The chorus makes life a little more enjoyable and displays a “going with the flow” vibe, which reflects in the video as the band is seen going through the motions of day-to-day events. An airy effect or reassurance is heard from verse to chorus, as well as within the break. The synth, and distorted fusion heard towards the end of the track highlights the drumming, and accentuates the timing aspect, literally and figuratively.

As the lyrics seep within the melody, “There’s something I want to say to you / As we drift on an ocean blue” the overall thoughts that contemplate the future, are amended with enjoying the present.


2 comments on “Kytes ‘As We Row’


    It kicks and is right in the pocket…finally a band with great melodies and lyrics..More please.

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  2. gaat er maer nen kjee voern , goe bezig


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