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New Noise: Best of Alternative and Indie Rock

It’s Friday! That’s really all I have to say. If you’ve made it this far without crying in a corner, safe to say it’s been a good week. To make things better enjoy these Alternative tracks that found a way into our hearts with their driven, and ever-changing sound.

Punch Drunk TagalongsControl” – Cleveland band Punch Drunk Tagalongs -Alisha Stahnke, Caleb Lemmo, Alex Wright, and Ryan Hunter – do something melodically spectacular with their track “Control.” Opening with a slow and meaningful base, somber guitar chords peak in and lull you into a thoughtful place. Wright’s vocals are earthy and capture every word she carefully sings. Then what seems like a build towards a stronger alternative sound, suddenly changes tempo to a dancy base. The ability to raise the momentum while holding on to a heavy, post-grunge appeal is skillfully entertaining. The rise and fall of this song will have you swooning at every corner.


Castle Pines Hollow Cause” – Inland Empire natives, specifically from Corona, Castle Pines, and their track “Hollow Cause” are hidden gems that I want highlight, despite the time when this track was released. The band holds a heavy sound, catchy riffs, and huge range of exploratory melodies to bask in. Initially driven by the back-story of losing a home during the housing failures in 2008, Castle Pines Way, the street that was no more, became a reason, motivation, and relief behind the band. Leandro Barrientos (vocalist), Ricky Garvey (lead guitarist), Sterling Fairfield (percussionist), and Jesse Briseno (bassist), weave slight post-grunge qualities, amongst driven guitars, and soft layers, shaping “Hollow Cause” to become a long-standing anthem. Barrientos’ vocal range will surprise you towards the end of the track and ultimately becomes quite addicting.

The alternative-rock band released this track a month ago and I’m kicking myself in the ass for not finding it fast enough in the email abyss. 


MOONI Got A Fever” – Prepare to fall in love with MOON. Los Angeles-based band is a fresh breath of alternative rock that fuses a loud core, fuzzy power vocals, and dreamy textures within their sound. Founded by Chelsea Davis (vocals, bass) and Dan Silver (guitar, synth), the alt-rock duo’s sound is climatic and begging to be heard. “I Got A Fever” is hard-hitting, classic, modern, and everything in between.  The production packs a punch and doesn’t leave room for anything else but the need for more releases from MOON.


Elephant StoneManipulator” –  Montreal trio Elephant Stone, led by Rishi Dhir (singer, bassist, songwriter, sitar player, all mighty one),  Miles Dupire (drummer, backing vocals) and Gabriel Lambert (guitar, backing vocals), return with an infectious single that leads high anticipation to their forthcoming full length, Ship of Fools, which will be released Sept.16 digitally, and November 25th physically through Burger Records. “Manipulator” lives up to its name as the trio pushes their creative sounds once again. The track contains persistent synths that crawl upwards from a turn of psych, rooted deeply with alt-rock. The track solidifies dreamy weaving, within the clean production, and background vocals that add the splash of balance to manipulation.

Also giving away for free a 4 song EP, (Little) Ship of Fools through NoiseTrade…you’re welcome.


Megan LandryHuman Leather” – Canadian artist Megan Landry is an artist that definitely should be recognized. From an eerie construction rooted in the lyrical content, there’s something hauntingly beautiful about “Human Leather.” Pulling influences from all over, with a pop innocence of Lana Del Ray, to an obvious classic rock influence, the track possesses tempo changes that are flawless in execution. Keys within the verses and on to the chorus lead the chills down your spine or the fight in your fist, clenching to a climatic overall tone.  The track is beautifully written and centered around abuse, power, and control. Landry does an amazing job translating raw emotions into vivid tones and words, and once more will praise at the clever assortment of words within the stances: “Leave the key under the mat  / Because they say that karma killed the cat.”


St. TropezWhich Side Are You On?” – Distorted, muffled, and drenched in garage rock are a few lovely words to describe St. Tropez and their single “Which Side Are You On?” The Amsterdam-based band fuse catchy verses, an infectious intro similar to the likes of Tame Impala, and a loud, climatic sound that explodes through guitar riffs, chants, and a steady percussion. Taken off of their self-titled debut album, recently released today, “Which Side Are You On?” is simply alternative rock in its most welcoming and rawest form.


PostblueLove To Praise You” – Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Postblue brings alternative and psychedelic waves with their song “Love To Praise You.”  The Aussie trio, Joe Paine, Jordan Saul, and Riley McEvoy, stick to traditional alternative rock while blurring the sounds with a hazy psych sound. “Love To Praise You” touches on a deciding factor within a person that may lead to blasphemous lines in comparison, and


The Growlers City Club” – “Beach Goth” pioneer band, The Growlers, take an interesting direction on the latest track “City Club.” Acting as a title song from the upcoming album set to be released September 30th, the song’s electronic and quirky vibes stray away from surf appeal, which is refreshing, and lean towards dance, electronic, and swirls of psych. The band’s trademark style, alongside Brooks Nielsen’s distinct vocals, are still prominent, and pair perfectly with the pop production. The track isn’t really alternative, nor heavily saturated as Beach Goth, but a cross of the band exploring new sounds, a little reminiscent to The Strokes- being no surprise as the track and album was produced by Julian Casablancas.


The Empty PageBig Wheel” – Fresh new track from Manchester band, The Empty Page, introduce their fuzzy and college rock track, “Big Wheel.” Kel (vocals, bass), Giz (guitar), and Jim (drums), revive the 90s with grunge, slacker chords, and angst, specifically on the track “Big Wheel.” Balancing the distortion, Kel’s vocals not only appeal to the harder side but the light, in an alternative aspect, as they easily cascade over power chords. The raw production goes hand in hand with the overall tone, especially in relation to the lyrics. The Empty Page bring out hidden anger pockets, but in a good way, and appeals for fans of noise-pop.


Bloods “Bring My Walls Down” – Australia is seriously emerging more so on the music territory with all genres, and Bloods is no exception. Classic Riot Grrrl rock drips from their track “Bring My Walls Down” and tip-toes down the line of college rock. From their forthcoming sophomore album, “Bring My Walls Down” croon of adolescents, and possesses a loud, catchy chorus that engulfs the track. Vocals are slightly hazy but pair with the fuzz rock and slight lo-fi rock approach.



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