William Bolton ‘Bad Girl’

At the age of 22, Detroit native William Bolton, carries the title of artist and producer, justifying each with his latest release “Bad Girl.” The indie, soul-pop dream track comes as bright and catchy, and stems from an R&B production that ties in with Bolton’s influential style. Crooning over a loud production with carefree and old-time inspiration, “Bad Girl” is a true identifier of who Bolton is as an artist.

The video is self-explanatory to the lyrical content, and title, as Bolton is seen following an attractive woman, played by Miss California, Cassandra Kunze, who has men wrapped around her finger. Bolton clearly sees this and doesn’t care, adding to the lucky-go charisma of the song. Directed by Jackob Owens, the video’s vivid use of colors matches the instrumentation and is a modern take on vintage pop that embodies feel good vibes.

With self-produced success, and a great following from SoundCloud, Bolton is now on a European tour with Hoodie Allen and being recognized for the sparkle that radiates within his music.


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