Smooth and Hazy [Indie-Pop]

COTE “London” –  Beautifully strewn across a midnight sky with dreamy melodies and vocals that engage, reminiscent to the likes of Stevie Nicks, “London” will pull you for more. Cote is an artist that surely is underrated and needs to be recognized for an immense amount of talent that is felt within her voice. Acting as a debut single, “London” not only is therapeutic in its message with the lyrics, but an eye-opener to COTE and light she will bring on future releases.

Further insight on the track, COTE states: “I wrote  ‘London’ over a period of two years, adding and reworking verses as my life continued to shift. Throughout that time, I always found myself returning to the same theme– the desire for control against the necessity of letting go.”


FRANKi “What I Heard” – Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, FRANKi’s latest single “What I Heard” is a smooth electro-pop wave of layers that feed off of emotive vocals. Striking waves of distorted synths create the underlining layer for a memorable track. Tranquility seeps through different ranges of FRANKi’s vocals and overall leaves a consistent state of “feel good” vibes. Not only is FRANKi an artist and producer, but also is part of Arcadia Studios and helps musicians with their production. Based off of his own personal work, it’s safe to say that FRANKi has an ear for layers, tone, and a clean product.


Bret “California Nights” – DC natives, LA- based band, Bret, idolizes wishful and whimsical shimmering nights in Los Angeles on their track “California Nights.” Frontman Mick Coogan and his breezy vocals, sets the scene of putting worries to bed with his hazy approach and at times, pop filed vibes. Scott Dittrich  (guitarist), Dave Kuehl (bassist), and Jon Jester (drummer), complete the synth-pop sound with a reminiscent vibe of The Cure. “California Nights” become a soundtrack of the few remaining days of summer and hails to the ever changing skies of Los Angeles.


Colour Canyon “Neon” –  Dublin based duo, Colour Canyon, consisting of Michelle Considine and Harry Bookless, invite us down an 80s road with their track “Neon,” which is paved with synths but looks to the warmth of vocals for appeal. The slower-tempo track possesses an electronic base but flutters with hazy vibes. Bright keys do pick up the momentum and hail towards the 80s, yet it’s the vocals that ultimately has the reins of the track and is a great track to unwind alongside.


iNCH “Breakbone” – Singapore artist iNCH spent the majority of her time traveling from New York to Los Angeles before returning home 2 years ago. Within that time, iNCH has used her own voice alongside the absorption of life to create the latest release “Breakbone.” The track focuses on a calming and dreamy atmosphere that comes into focus with iNCH’s emotive vocals. “Breakbone” acts as a slow drop into the bucket of relaxation, or what seems to be in this case, realization. The pop aspect of the track is placed into balance with the indie appeal, and highlights clean production qualities, such as the use of horns emedded within the break.

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