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Magnolian ‘The Bride & The Bachelor’

Hands down you will fall in love with this track. If you don’t, then logically and scientifically you don’t have a soul.

The Bride & The Bachelor” is off of Magnolian‘s debut EP, Famous Men, and embodies beauty in its truest forms. Inspired by traditional Mongolian “praise songs,” the track also uses a traditional Mongolian horse-head fiddle (Morin Khuur), played by Munkhsaihan Dashzeveg, throughout the track. While the track contains honesty placed on a modern indie foundation, the soul stems from a meaningful root for artist, Dulgunn Bayasgalan.

Stated by Magnolian, the track is a “coming-of-age story that tackles themes of love, loss, and sexuality.” Strong themes and relatable aspects of life are perfectly described and translated into music. There’s a sense of strength that comes after loss, which is the different type of beauty that is emitted. Despite lyrics that sting afterward, such as “If I can’t marry you I’ll go / On my chariot of gold,” the musically-mediated approach ease into the realm of acceptance. Further assisting, Tselmuun Chinzorig’s additional vocals harmonize sweetly and add the sense of hope to the story.

Lyrically, the story is a reflection of the music, and completely genuine. Touching back on the beauty, this is beautiful in the sense where you can appreciate the strength and gentleness of the melodic vibrations; in honesty. Not only for the story at hand, but the honesty within oneself. Even with an odd pairing that stems from the title, the sense of “love” cannot be fully generated with two opposite stages of life, such as a bride and a bachelor- noting the different stances where the two characters are at in life.

“The Bride & The Bachelor” is simply breathtaking for everything that it is, and everything that it isn’t. Loss isn’t drenched in melancholy vibes, but in an act of fearlessness beauty that leads to bliss.

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  1. andrew jones

    Yep…..Love this……Spiritually Dope


  2. andrew jones

    Not sure if my comment went through…But just in case…I love this…..

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