General Crush ‘Wide Escape’

Fusing the heart of an indie-folk ballad with a modern synth production seems like an odd combination. For General Crush, it’s perfection. Originally initiated around the idea of a rock band, General Crush became a moniker for Boston singer/songwriter, Ray Ward. Winning over the hearts of listeners with his latest track “Wide Escape,” Ward explores a sense of isolated freedom, backed by dreamy melodies and a fresh production.

The track takes a soothing route, and in between plucks of an acoustic, the overall ethereal vibe guided by Ward’s gentle vocals instills bliss. With the use of a crisp synth foundation, the track is able to dive further than what can be expected to pull out emotions. Almost as a fresh thought that enters a person’s mind while reminiscing, the production of “Wide Escape” neatly displays Ward’s tone for the track.


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