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Scotch Mist ‘Speak of The Devil’

Courtesy of Scotch Mist
Courtesy of Scotch Mist

Brothers, Andres and Eduardo Z, have reinvented themselves musically under the name of Scotch Mist and introduce their sound with the harmonizing track, “Speak of the Devil.” The track is the first single off of the forthcoming debut album and embodies a Yin and Yang appeal.

Playing off of each other’s harmonies that swing sweetly in the beginning, the track’s rise towards the chorus, and abrupt switch in sound, is the bite that adds to the appeal of Scotch Mist. Within the bright harmonization comes a loud root of sounds. The track holds back and rides on sudden switches, yet at this point doesn’t showcase what Scotch Mist can do. The duo’s true abilities can be heard within the break and the tight instrumentation, once again playing off of each other.

The New York-based artists raise an intriguing allure to their indie sound, and as their sounds expand we look forward in hearing them grow.

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