Dak ‘The Audition’

The only thing between you and a dream…is yourself.

This is the message that Kyle Donald, better known as Dak wishes to implore on listeners. Cleverly shot, and beautifully directed by Max Mak, “The Audition” takes a script from a scene of a play, and is reality displayed as Dak battles his inner thoughts.

Originally from Northern California, now based in Los Angeles, Dak’s talent is obviously more than having an ear for music, but more so for his story-telling abilities. Using his jazz influences in addition with R&B, Dak aims to provide a synchronized platform for the rise and fall of his character’s flow. The verses and impact are more important than anything else for this track, and with a strong, self-reflective theme that all can relate to, Dak is successful in getting his message across.

Based on a character who dreams of being an actor, reality crumbles down as he gets torn between self-doubt, the talk of others, and rejection. As the story grows, so does the anger within Dak’s voice, which soon melts into a tone that is pushing himself, versus chipping away at his ego. Dak plays with his vocals as he weaves what he’s feeling in the wave of his presentation that a listener feels immediately.

The video ends loosely, with the notion that “it was worth it.” Literally and figuratively towards the audition in life- regardless of how many times you get denied, if your heart wants it, keep going.

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