Ramsey ‘The Garden’


Continuing to push herself and electronic music, Los Angeles artist Ramsey, led by her signature stylization of vocals, further sets herself apart with her single “The Garden.” The Dark Electronic Seductress once again captures emotions and creates visually stunning audio that translates into the likes of a gothic romance novel for the modern ages.

Compared to previous singles from Ramsey, “The Garden” is familiar with the expressive tone, yet displays a vulnerable side not yet fully disclosed by Ramsey.  The vulnerability may be why she hails to the red roses, beautiful yet covered in thorns for protection.

While dabbling through the experimental and electronic beats, “The Garden” is centered around Ramsey’s chant of vocals, that fill up the dead space and creates a fuller sound. Slower and tempting, as usual, Ramsey still holds to this otherworldly and dark ambient vibe, as she continues to conjure up the secrets of a human mind.

Through any tempo, though, one thing remains certain is that Ramsey is redefining  the electronic genre and reviving the visual component that aids when hearing music.

Los Angeles locals, feel free to experience Ramsey live at The Mint, August 26th- Find tickets here.



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