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Gosh Pith ‘In My Car’

Courtesy of Gosh Pith via Facebook
Courtesy of Gosh Pith via Facebook

Detroit duo, Goth Pith, return with their latest single “In My Car” and has been the first release since their Gold Chain EP back in February. The  locals, Josh Smith and Josh Freed, aim for an earlier sound that the duo started with, this time around, fuller and cleaner.

Pure vibes are emitted on this track and in correlation with the slow vocal approach, the desire is only intensified throughout the track. Opening with this slower direction over a low trap beat, repetitive chants begin to stir up a trance. “In My Car” sums up the want, seduction, and the ultimate build-up between two people, or as the duo states “the ode to impatience and lust.”

Knowing the back story of such a chemical reaction would obviously translate into huge sounds and climatic pieces. Gosh Pith’s translation of desire and lust though, resonates on a different wavelength. The one where repetitiveness mimics thoughts, intimacy is mirrored in a breathy tone, and impatience is within the trickles of modern trap. Gosh Pith executes a thought cleanly and make a welcomed return fueled with a stronger “want” in their music.

Gosh Pith will also be going on a small Autumn Tour, including Red Rocks with Griz on October 1st, and you can check the site for more information.


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