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The Pressure Kids ‘Catherine in Moonlight’



Nashville-based Indie rock band, The Pressure Kids, capture a quality of love and young adulthood, perfectly on their track “Catherine in Moonlight.”  The Indie-Rockers’ use of bright and vivacious chords appeal to a blissful moment in time while bringing a polished amount of pure indie-rock that could only be heard through college radio, or felt through a period of adolescents.

Nick Johnston (vocals, guitar), Allan Cuva (guitar, vocals), Katy Carmichael (vocals, keys), Justin Bavier (bass), and John Lewandowski (drums), not only reinforce a loud sound, but create a soft dreamy appeal. Johnston’s vocals take center stage and offer a logical reinforcement with his sturdy voice, while Carmichael’s sweet background vocals add the lighter touch. The cohesive flow of each member only makes the track that much more enjoyable, and reiterates the sweet and nostalgic atmosphere. “Catherine in Moonlight” becomes a song that you fall in love with instantly and more so after each listen.



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