Breakfast Blend

Bright and Eclectic

It’s not that late to have breakfast, just saying. Today’s mix is brighter and eclectic with sounds. Some may have pop vocals drenched with lo-fi guitars, others have an indie backbone, but what stands out are the cuts, blends, transitions, and overall an amazing bright sound to come from diverse areas. Enjoy these wonderful artists to start the day off right.

Look VibrantBull & Eagle”  – Canadian art rock band Look Vibrant and their track “Bull & Eagle” instantly becomes a favorite for its infectious melody and welcoming sound that whisks you away into another dimension. The track soars from beginning to end and has a bright, melodic backbone that allows every layer placed to stand out. The self-proclaimed “art pop” band does a remarkable job of fusing these sounds together in a cohesive manner. High falsettos, trickles of a heavy bass, and persistent synths add the chime to the track, yet the glue that holds it together would be the perfect drumming. It’s prominent when it needs to be, which is throughout the whole song, yet still has notable fills and bright “splashes” that are coordinated with the synths. Obsessed with this track, and is faintly similar to the likes of Starfucker if I were to compare it to another artist.


Camino 84 Oh My” Feat. Sidney Gish – Where has this track been my whole life? Boston producer, Camino 84, is an obvious crate-digger that bleeds the best on the track “Oh My.” Opening with vintage synths, the track sets up with an underlying old-school approach and dainty chimes that puts a listener in a relaxed state of mind. Can’t get enough of the opening which does an a fantastic job prepping for Boston vocalist, Sidney Gish. As the track opens up, Gish’s soft, dreamy, and at times indie-raw vocals, add the finishing touches. This is a perfect collaboration of different interpretations of “ethereal” for the overall product of a silky smooth summer track. Praise to each artist’s distinction that makes this track worth wild.


Illiterate LightChest II (Living and Dying)” –  Rock duo from Harrisonburg, VA – Jeff Gorman (vocals, guitar, bass) and Jake Cochran (vocals, drums) – introduce their indie track “Chest II (Living and Dying)” off of their Earthworm EP. The duo’s creativity is instantly heard with an attention grabber opener, making use of their bright harmonization. The track seems to have two major parts: a basic indie rock construction and dreamy psych-pop overlay. How do they make this work? For Gorman and Cochran their vocals are extremely versatile and adapts instantly to the melody and vibes, which ultimately is the bridge between these sounds. It’s a little raw, in terms of experimenting with sounds, but the duo pulls it off.


Rudy & The Dunk Reactions Without Your Love” –  “(It’s) Like James Bond went to a roller disco with Rick James.” Basically. Seattle-based electronic producer, Rudy & The Dunk Reactions did something spectacular he made disco enjoyable. The four-minute track is disco with a nostalgic flare of high synths dipped in funk. “Without Your Love” isn’t so much familiar sounds but well-crafted editing that is redefined. The transitions are clean, while the build-up is worth the wait. This is guided by a soulful male voice, and by the third minute, you can really hear the retro influence that is transformed into a fresh, modern sound.


SummerDregsLies” –  What started as a collective of musicians, which they still hold for value, now is locked-in as trio from Chattanooga, TN. The collective fuse their influences and production value into a well-rounded sound. “Lies” is a perfect example of the trio’s sound, as the track is a slower tempo, funk wave on an electronic platform. Despite it being slower-tempo (for the sake of this list), the track’s sound and production is bright, and not to mention their use of elements are pleasant to the ear. The electronic R&B base makes it easy for Paul Smallman’s soulful vocals to melt on top. Weaved throughout are dark, gritty guitar chords that are layered on top for texture. Overall this is a wonderful mix, fusion, and skilled production.



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