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Psychic Love ‘Ultralight’

Psychic Love share their latest dreamy, indie rock cut.

Courtesy of Purple Bite PR
Courtesy of Purple Bite PR

Echo Park locals, Psychic Love, are a dreamy act consisting of hazy vibrations that hail from a darker state of mind. Consisting of Laura Peters, Liam McCormack, Max Harrison, and Chris Dunn, the quartet and their single “Ultralight” is a delightful fusion of indie-rock and jangle pop that is weaved with melodic influences.

The track takes the direction somewhere between dreaming and in the midst of waking up while assessing if you’re now back to reality. Strong chords emphasize appeal, but the attraction is a lovely delivery of dream escapades provided by frontwoman Peters. Throughout the chorus, Peters channels a vibe of the early pop/rock days of Pat Benatar, and polishes her sound to the psychedelic liking perfect for Los Angeles.

Interesting enough, Peters states that “Ultralight” was originally written while she took care of a friend who was having a bad acid trip. “Apparently the guitar lines were so soothing that every time I stopped playing he looked horrified and pukey. I ended up writing about nine verses. Obviously, they didn’t all make it into the final cut.” Regardless of what state you might be in, “Ultralight” soothes and invites a listener for more.

The track is taken off of the band’s forthcoming debut album, The Hive Mind, set to be released September 2nd.

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