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Midnight Mood: Indie

Indie. Any way you cut it, or add to it, the feel is the same. Here’s the Top 5 that we’re vibing to for Midnight Mood.

Lost WoodsBilly Zane“-  Another great Australian artist comes to us from Adelaide by the name of Lost Woods. Peter White, Brayden Leske, Sam Baird, Tom Baird, and Matt Crago truly create a loud and clean sound with their track “Billy Zane” off of their self-titled EP. The track hits you right where you need to be, in a way that realigns your perspective under 4 minutes. The track has a little bit of a grunge feel with distorted and crunchy guitars, and is well crafted by its balanced use of hard and soft elements. Throughout the catchy demeanor what stands out is frontman Peter White’s vocals. White possesses a great control of his voice and reaches with his falsettos.


Jackson Dyer The Absolute” – Seriously Australia, your artists are amazing. Jackson Dyer, Aussie musician, songwriter, producer, and heart string puller, now based in Berlin, introduces listeners to a dreamy dose of reality. Creamy guitars seem to glide over a sensual beat, led by Dyer’s soft vocals. Opening with a strong indie sound, faintly folk influenced, raises to small traces of electronic sounds that only live for seconds, but are enough to recreate this “dream” structure.

Dyer states on the track: “I wrote ‘The Absolute’ one morning as I tried to make some sense of the contradictions of this day and age. Like many people I know, click­bait news and the endless number of conflicts and selfish leaders often leaves me feeling overwhelmed. ‘The Absolute’ is essentially an open­-ended question, a means of trying to overcome the sinister nature and vested interests of ‘the news’.” An obvious feeling of “open ended-ness” that is felt by the incomplete ending of the track.


James Edge and The MindstepFour Two Four” –  London musical innovators, James Edge and The Mindstep – James Edge (guitar, vocals), Andy Waterworth (double bass), Avvon Chambers (drums), and Howard Gott (violin)-  truly raise the bar with genre blending on their track “Four Two Four.” The essential indie-folk track fuses the typical with a gypsy, jazz-esque and almost retro redefinition. “Four Two Four” makes an immediate opening and never loses its momentum with consistent drumming. Carried by Edge’s playful vocals, the track is warm and flows smoothly. Gott’s violin work bounces back from folk to a slight classical, and dramatic notion. Truly an artist to keep a watchful eye and ear out for.


Harley Alexander Staring at Photographs” –  Self-proclaimed “silky dad” artist, Harley Alexander and his indie-folk track “Staring at Photographs” eases a listener in the best of ways. Off the mini-album, Harland, “Staring at Photographs” emits tranquility with its retro vibe. The track opens with hesitant and warm guitar chords, which already sets the track up for complete joy. Alexander begins to croon and adds the “twang” against the acoustic. Followed by a steady shaker and “airy” production, you can’t help but sing “baby” continuously to your lover.


Suzy CallahanSee Through” –  Hailing from Washington DC, Suzy Callahan pours her heart out on the track “See Through” and definitely brings out the melancholy heart of an acoustic guitar. The indie track is a down tempo cascading trickle, of gentle vibrations that is strewn across a listener’s heart with Callahan’s voice. With bright twangs of guitar plucks, and Callahan’s voice, a dimension is added with a murmuring bass that holds the track together. If you want to sit and ponder life at night, this is the track to do it with.


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