Breakfast Blend

Breakfast Blend: Female Fronted R&B Fusion

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Introducing “Breakfast Blend” part of our Discover section. Quick picks to start your day off daily, each serving up a specific flavor. Enjoy!

Katie CunninghamKeep it to Yourself” – Los Angeles artist, Katie Cunningham releases her debut single “Keep it to Yourself” and successfully showcases her songwriting and singing capability. “Keep it to Yourself” is a modern track that embraces soulful pop and is a great introduction for the 17 year old. Not only is the production perfect for a hot day in Los Angeles but overall is a catchy tune. Standing out are persistent keys within the verses that add the right amount of heart to the track, while the bass supports Cunningham’s pop voice, which overall cleanly completes the production. The track is a fresh sound that blends two genres equally for all to enjoy.


Joy CrookesSinatra” – Joy Crookes and her track “Sinatra” does something powerful during the track’s production. Ranging with splashes of a classical  orchestral vibe,  the track opens with this dramatic effect. Slowly the track starts building layers upon layers that peak out, such as electronic and R&B. Crookes soulful and slow approach does wonder for her emotive vocals. By the second half of the track the atmosphere changes, then once more back to the orchestral vibe. Crookes’ voice depicts her mood for the duration of the track, and not only do you become intrigued but you are left with a haunting chill by the chorus. A wonderful blend for the London native and with the likes of this track we anticipate her debut album.


SayaCherry Bomb” – Toronto artist, now LA based, Saya, blends the right amount of “everything” on her latest track “Cherry Bomb” following her debut track, “Wet Dreams.” Reminiscing faintly familiar sounds from Kali Uchis, “Cherry Bomb” and its textured sonic flow is a playful exploration of sensuality. The 21-year-old explains that “Cherry Bomb is a trip through an erotic fantasy” which is felt through Saya’s flirtatious emphasis of words. “Cherry Bomb” embodies a fresh and liberated feeling, perfect for any mood.


NakalaParis” Feat. Jordo (Prod. SIX 4) –  “I wanna wake up in Paris with you, I wanna f*ck you in Paris I do.”  I don’t know how more direct one can get but it will defintely wake you up. UK artist Nakala teams up with producer SIX 4 and singer Jordo for their collaborative track “Paris.” This track is an interesting cut of  trap, R&B, and small doses of electronic within the production. “Paris”  goes everywhere,  from the want of raising kids together, to a future in general, where Nakala preaches her love in any setting. The duet adds to the R&B loving feel and is smooth as butter for your morning toast.


Jessica LouiseHigher” –  Long Beach local, Jessica Louise introduces us to feelings “chilled” with her track “Higher” from her debut EP, Voices. The track is a slow and dreamy collection with an R&B and electronic palate. Louise’s voice isn’t soft, generally speaking, yet is gentle with a rasp to her approach that adds an emotive push through small cracks and releases with her vocals. Louise does a clean job of pulling back, weaving in and out of her feelings as the production sets the mood. Sincerely in love with Louise’s natural vocal direction and look forward to new music.



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