Shady Nasty ‘Upwardsbound’

Never judge a book by its cover. Proven fact for Australian band, Shady Nasty and their debut music video for their track “Upwardsbounds.” Kevin Stathis (vocals. guitar), Haydn Green (bass), and Luca Watson (drums), take us through a meal preparation for what one can assume is a celebration, in the oddest of fashions. Their laid back and college rock attitude blends with bent notes, and an eerie guitar riff that peaks in and out of Stathis’ echoing and relaxing vocal tone.

Throughout the video, you never lose contact with any of the members, which adds to the peculiarity the young trio aimed to get across. Yet, behind all of the sonic indie-rock, are a few poetic lines within their stanzas, such as “Spinal rolling / that saves me from drowning / upwardsbounds / never will I know.” The fragment and vividness that each line paints gives the track depth; an overall juxtaposition.

The timing of the music in par with Stathis vocals add to the strange effect but are pulled off by the trio. The video is odd, but that’s the point of “Upwardsbounds,” and ultimately is an enjoyable track and video beginning to end.


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