Benjamin Earl Turner ‘Antioch’ Prod. by UrbanNerdBeats

Courtesy of Benjamin Earl Turner
Courtesy of Benjamin Earl Turner

Hailing from Antioch, CA, Bay rapper Benjamin Earl Turner and his track “Antioch,” off the Yell Pretty album,  pays homage to his hometown. Speaking of the track, Turner stated: “Overall [this is] a song comparing the “many mansions” promised biblically to the mini-mansions of the suburb. The inverse end of gentrification has left inner city folks in section 8 housing, in beautiful, previously white-only neighborhoods.”

Even knowing the back-story, sometimes it’s not what is said, but how it’s said that weighs greater. Turners’ tone and delivery carry the whole track and there’s a sense of relentless determination that fuels Turner. The scratch in Turner’s voice, and exasperation as he clings to his words speaks volume of his message within the lyrics. This is a voice that is subtly yelling out to be heard, and is modestly trying to be recognized, only free within the music.

Produced by UrbanNerdBeats, the sampling and cut is crisp for Turner’s vocals, and you can definitely hear a Kendrick influence. Light keys, melodic flow, and looped female vocals add a clean touch. Turner carries character within his pronunciation, cleverly controlling the state of mind. “Antioch” also points out the versatility of Turner’s own ability as he slows down, picks up the pace, and attempts to carry a tune – though he makes known that he doesn’t sing, but only “Yells Pretty” – which still adds texture to the track.

Not sure how anyone won’t feel the vibe being emitted from Turner.

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