Kulture ‘Pass You By’

Courtesy of Kulture via Facebook
Courtesy of Kulture via Facebook

Houston based hip-hop artist Keshav Kumar, better known as Kulture, lays an old school feel production based track with anger, motivation, and hope for the hip-hop scene. Kulture and his values, which strive for merging “all aspects of musical expression without geographical discrimination,” is an admirable approach as an artist. With that being said, “Pass You By” holds a greater meaning behind the lyrics and melodic wave.

From the start of the track, the opening sample puts a listener in a tranquil state of mind, simply appreciating the beat. This nostalgic based production is simple, without excessive overlays. The stylization of the beat with Kulture’s tone and flow is a perfect match, which adds to the clean production. Kulture’s attention to detail is heard through the precise moments of perfecting a loop within the background, and notably heard as piano keys soften the sound as Kulture builds momentum towards the chorus.

Sonically, the sound is more than enough for praise for its simplicity and ripple effects of emotions created. The heart of the track though is with Kulture’s tone and lyrics. They range from anger, questioning life, to the bare fact that “everything is a blessing” and not to let it pass you by. Kulture aims for more, not just for himself, but for his listeners as he raps “I don’t do it just because / I do it cuz the music is useful to all of us.”

As Kulture goes through the motions of raw thoughts that linger in his head and heart, “The world is not enough to watch this universal line with my mind before my time is up,” the feel is “more.” Regardless of whatever is happening, such as the “broken wings of a fallen Eagle,” the message that he aims to preach is embedded within the feel of the track.

From production to lyrics, Kulture has put a lot of time into his craft and we look forward to his continued releases. This is definitely a track for all the dreamers.

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