Daniel Morones ‘Dear Carla’

Courtesy of Daniel Morones via Facebook
Courtesy of Daniel Morones via Facebook

If you were to extract the joy from any song from the 70s, it would be reincarnated by Daniel Morones and his track “Dear Carla.” The Los Angeles based artist heavily draws inspiration from 60s and 70s pop, with Morone’s use of bright melodies, personal, yet fun lyrics, and layered vocals that revive the vintage pop. From his full-length album, He’s In The News Again, featuring Dave Keuning of The Killers, Morones melodies are hard to not fall in love with.

“Dear Carla” is a sonic love letter by Morones that easily glides over his day-to-day thoughts which always lead back to Carla. The track opens with a whimsical pep and later leads to a wider range of sounds. Morones’ gentle tone followed by various keys, synths, and backing vocals are drenched in 70s pop, and love. Not the kind of love that is nauseating to hear in a typical love song, but the love that is appreciated and ultimately encourages one to take risks.

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